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As a former first grade teacher, teaching children to read is one of my greatest passions! But because most children don’t start actually “reading.

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Kindergarten Readiness: 71 Things Your Child Needs to Know Please keep in mind as you look over this list that kids learn best with hands-on experiences, not memorization or drill practice! These early years with.

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The Joyful, Illiterate Kindergartners of Finland Approaching the school’s playground that morning, I watched as an army of 5- and 6-year-old boys patrolled a zigzagging stream behind Niirala Preschool.

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Why I Don't Like Play Based Learning | Happiness is here Yes yes and yes! It’s funny though, because when I tell people my kids learn by playing all day, they dismiss what we do as ” neglect ” yet I see so many posts.